Learning Manager

Grant Broadcasters is Australia’s second largest regional commercial radio company operating in 27 regional markets and employs in excess of 550 people. The company is committed to building the long-term capability of the group and is embracing contemporary learning methods, including

We are seeking an individual with an interest in adult learning capable of implementing our corporate eLearning initiative through a hands-on approach. By embracing internet-based technology, you will be responsible for delivering learning programs that are enjoyable, informative and practical to the participants. The role initially focuses on converting current content previously developed and delivered through a traditional corporate training environment.

The new digital training experience is supported through the Yarno eLearning platform.

Working with our consultant, eLearning platform provider and collaborating with our motivated internal steering committee, you will quickly grasp the scope of works and set about developing a logical learning framework, content and validation questions.

We are looking for a candidate with the following attributes:
1. Experience in adult learning including professional qualifications in teaching or other relevant disciplines
2. Experience in eLearning, eLearning content curation and LMS
3. Outstanding writing and expression skills
4. Ability to work independently, reliably and to deliver according to our agreed timeframes
5. Capacity to understand, interpret and express complex industry concepts crisply and memorably in a teaching context
6. Ability to monitor and interpret participants progress through analytical tools
7. Aggregating learning experience data to identify content that may require revision to enhance learning outcomes
8. Administer participation, ensuring users progress to completion and liaising with local management providing and receiving feedback

Working in a flexible and supportive environment, either in a role, you will enjoy the professional autonomy and independence that will enable you to deliver upon the agreed outcomes.

If you’re interested, email us at [email protected] for a detailed position description.

Applicants should address the criteria contained in this advertisement. Application close 27 August 2018.

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