Geelong welcome the new 'Morning Crew'


After an exhaustive hunt for the next bay93.9 Morning Crew co-host, it turns out he was in the building the whole time!

bay93.9 Content Director, Mark Hyland will join Lisa “Milly” Millard as the co-host of the bay93.9 Morning Crew.

Mark will step aside as Grant Broadcasters Vic/SA Regional Content Director to allow time to do justice to the new breakfast gig.“ It was a big decision that I didn’t take lightly. This move will allow me to focus all my energy on breakfast and the station as a whole. I’m really pumped for what the future holds for bay and I’m excited to be on air with Milly. It’s a win-win for me! ”

Geelong General Manager, Andy Mathers, is extremely happy with the decision. “ It’s such an important role so we took our time. Milly’s husband Dave "Ferg" Ferguson did a great job filling in for a couple of months but when Mark’s name came up in conversation it was a light bulb moment. Mark’s has 25 years in the market, most of it in an on-air capacity, so the audience know him. Mark will bring a tremendous amount of local knowledge and local content to the show....and Milly is a superstar, but we already knew that! ”

The bay93.9 Morning Crew with Mark & Milly starts Monday, March 15 at 6am.