Ipswich "Leaders in Local" - River 949



Situated on the Bremer River just west of Brisbane you’ll find Queensland’s City of Ipswich renowned for its architectural, natural and cultural heritage.

The area is home to over 500 parks and where you will often find the River 94.9 family communicating and engaging with an active community. The station works with local charities, sporting clubs and major events to keep locals informed.


(Pic: Announcer "Woody" Shows off his ability at a School Open Day)

Being involved in local schools means that River 949 has been able to create activations for open days, supporting the schools and advertising their school program and extracurricular activities.


(Pic - The staff and students at West Moreton Anglican College's Open Day)

While supporting the Wounded Heroes national sleep out the team helped raise funds for homeless veterans.


(Pic: Breakfast hosts Marnie and Campo at the Sleep Out)

“Ipswich Together” - was designed to encourage the community to have a bit of fun during COVID times to keep the community spirit high, as major events like the Ipswich show were cancelled. Concepts like an Ipswich show themed BBQ and driveway parties with your neighbours were a big talking point on the station.


(Pic: Hinksy in the Outside Broadcast Truck)

As “Leaders in Local” the commitment continues with the introduction of more local programming with a newly produced local sports show called “The Sideline View” with Harrison that goes to air on Saturday afternoons.

Ipswich is a beautiful region and with a highly skilled team of announcers and committed, community-minded staff the station continues to go from strength to strength as a leader in local.