Leaders in Local - Cairns Star 1027 and 4CA

NQL CNS leaders in local

Located in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Star 1027 and 4CA are "Leaders in Local" when it comes to their local community.

Coming together as a community and helping those in need has always been a key part of the local involvement for both stations.

Here are a select few moments that brought a smile to a lot of local faces across the Cairns community.


QSuper Cardiac Challenge

3 days... 307 fights... 333kms... and $526,984 raised!

Dave and Inkie took to a Tandem Bike in order to raise not only awareness but funding for this amazing cause.

The QSuper Cardiac Challenge is an annual event where the challenge is to cycle from Cairns to Cooktown!

Funds raised will go towards improving health care services in Far North Queensland.

Huge thanks to all involved at the QSuper Cardiac Challenge. Such an amazing cause!


Toys for Treasure

NQL CNS Toys for Treasure

Look at all the gifts donated for the TOYS FOR TREASURE promotion!

Christmas time is a time for giving, family, and making memories.

For some families, Christmas time can be one of the hardest times of the year.

They are unable to purchase gifts to give their children on Christmas morning.

Especially this year, with COVID meaning many families who would normally not have to worry about where their money goes at that time of year are now counting every penny!

So the Carins crew teamed up with Anglicare to bring some Christmas Joy to those families who are struggling!

A great way to spread some Christmas Joy!


MoyaMoya Australia

NQL CNS MoyaMoya Australia

MoyaMoya is a Japanese word for "Puff of Smoke".

It describes the rare and progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain.

So in support of this disease, Star 1027 helped promote the foundation in Australia responsible for funding and awareness.

Jed (Pictured with his Uncle Les) suffers from MoyaMoya. His mum, Nicola, set up the MoyaMoya Australia Organisation for this rare disease.